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Is your Heart Happy?


Wow, we are officially in the last quarter of 2023! You could fashion life in the way of sports, where we have four quarters (the seasons), and each year is a game leading you to the championship (the end of the year!). If we're looking at it this way, we are in the last quarter of the 2023 game. Some would argue that the last quarter of a game is the most essential. What do you think?

However you view it, evaluating and reflecting are always available so you can decide your next steps and move forward. Take some time and ensure your current regimens and patterns align with where you see yourself. Look to where you want to be and align accordingly so you're where you desire as we inch closer to the end of the game and enter 2024.

How do hair health and fitness relate?

In this authentic community, we understand our overall health plays a significant role in the health of our hair. Since we're on the topic of life as a sport, let's talk about physical fitness and hair health. Of course, outstanding physical health and fitness account for your body's optimal function. When your heart works effectively at pumping blood through your body, it increases the functionality of all your other organs. This can be why your hair may suffer if you're inactive and sedentary in the hospital for an extended time. Or if you're on new medications or have excessive sudden weight loss or gain. Regular physical activity keeps your heart robust in addition to eating foods that are heart-healthy and not harmful. When our bodies are healthy, we can achieve our healthiest hair. When our bodies are suffering in health we can almost immediately notice in our hair.


Healthy Hair is a lifestyle!

Many want a quick remedy for hair growth and healthy hair. We see companies producing products and vitamins at such a high rate these days with intentions to help you obtain hair growth and health. While having excellent products and vitamin levels will be helpful, it won't be the only thing you need.

In addition to choosing great products and ensuring your vitamin levels are in top shape, you want to incorporate physical activity for optimal health and healthy hair. Now, if you're reading this, you more than likely have visited the doctor and have heard why it's essential to incorporate physical activity into your lifestyle. It's a no-brainer! Occasionally, we all need to remind ourselves to evaluate what we're doing in our lives and determine if it's benefitting our overall well-being and vision. You know you don't have to be a bodybuilder; a 30-minute walk at a heart-healthy pace can be a game changer. The stronger your heart is, the more you can incorporate into your physical activity. The healthier you are all around, the healthier your hair will be!


At your discretion, read the articles below for more information about the benefits of exercise on the hair, and how the health of your hair can signal other health conditions:

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