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Your products are a prescription!!

Treat your products like a prescription!

Have you ever had an itchy scalp and searched for a medicated shampoo, or were you prescribed one? If this is you, then you understand how ingredients work. Sometimes, we may have a scalp concern and need a prescribed medicated shampoo or ointment, one that has the proper ingredients to treat such issues, to help treat the problem. Here's another thought: has a prescribed medication ever affected your hair? What happens to our bodies when taking prescription drugs?


Ingredients in prescription drugs cause a chemical reaction with our bodies in the hopes of producing a specific result. Many prescription medications can cause changes in your hair, from porosity and texture to thinning or excessive shedding, due to the changes the ingredients make to your body. Your medicated shampoos and ointments are there to treat scalp conditions, but they can also affect your hair. Most people experience dryness in their hair strands when using medicated shampoos, so dermatologists advise using a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner following them. Considering it all, it's time we start looking at our hair products like they are a prescription for the hair. As we already discussed, you may have experienced a dry, flaky scalp and sought a product to assist. Sometimes, you seek more moisturization in your hair and look for products with ingredients that enhance moisture. In essence, you are looking for a prescription in your products to give you the relief you need, and we should take that seriously.

hair products act in a similar way prescriptions do!

Your hair products create a specific reaction in the hair in a similar way that prescriptions do. As with taking a prescription, you will likely see a slight immediate change, and as you use the product/prescription more frequently, you start to see more of a change. Sometimes, you find that the prescription or product doesn't agree with you and must stop immediately. Knowing your body and hair is how you can recognize what it likes and doesn't like. When you're on prescription medication, and there are changes in your body, sometimes you have to have your prescription adjusted to accommodate those changes. The same goes for your hair products! You may use a product or product line for a while and notice that something about it no longer works for your hair. You can adjust your products at that time, but the key to choosing new products is understanding what has changed about your body and hair so you know what to choose next.


It's been quite some time with many conversations about what to use, and treating our hair products like a prescription for the hair may be our solution to choosing the right products and eliminating being a product junkie. If you start a prescription, you are researching first to find information about the ingredients that will help your issue and what the side effects may be. In following this same concept concerning hair products, you will be able to identify ingredients in your products and how their usage may affect your hair, helping you choose your products more effectively. Taking the time to investigate will cause you to learn and help you take control of your healthy hair journey by selecting the most effective products for your specific hair type. Remember, you must know your own hair first!

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